Positive Pause – 7th December 2015 – Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping feverThe 8th of December was traditionally the day when country people travelled to Dublin to do their Christmas shopping. This week, reflect on what kind of Christmas you wish to have. It is easy to get sucked into the hype of Christmas shopping and end up spending money on gifts that go unused or unappreciated. The closer we get to Christmas the greater the panic as people ask the perennial question, “are you all sorted for Christmas”?

The true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with consumerism and taking things to excess, yet the expectation of over-indulgence is widespread; spending too much, eating too much and drinking too much.  Too much is really too much – your body struggles to cope with the excess of food and drink. Your bank balance is probably also struggling.  Less is probably more in this context.

Nobody is suggesting being a Christmas Scrooge, simply that you consider what you really value about Christmas. When you recall Christmases passed is it the gifts that you remember? Is it the food and drink? Most likely, the memories of being with the people you love is what you remember. This year, spend your time and energy on having a mindful Christmas where the only “excess” is an abundance of love.