The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 2nd October, 2017 – Transformation

The Positive Habit Weekly Blog - 2nd October, 2017 - Transformation

Thanks for being with me this Monday! A new month and a chance for transformation.I shared my bed with two men last week, my husband and a man called Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Not literally, of course, my husband was really there but we were accompanied by the voice of Dr.Joe Dispenza, My husband attended his progressive workshops here in Dublin and needed to watch eight hours of video before attending the event hence the need to bring Dr. Joe to bed with us!

Some of you may be familiar with Dr. Joe’s work as he is well known internationally. His ideas and philosophy are similar to mine and as we lay there I would annoyingly say, “See, I told you that before’!” Dr. Joe’s tagline is ‘Change from the inside out’ which echoes my own approach. He backs up his work at his advanced workshops with epigenetic testing, brain mapping with electroencephalograms (EEGs), and individual energy field testing with a gas discharge visualization (GDV) machine. Sounds amazing, I wonder could I get some of this stuff for my clinic?!

We now know more about the human brain in the last twenty years than we have done since the beginning of evolution – we are indeed living in exciting times!

At last we have the scientific evidence to back up what sages have been saying for thousands of years; we are all capable of bringing out the best in ourselves and transforming the negative parts that hold us back.

Autumn is an incredibly beautiful time of year when I love to take a walk in the forest and gaze at the array of colour in the leaves.  Nature’s capacity for transformation is truly astounding.  This week, apply that same principle to yourself and decide each day which positive traits and emotions to bring into your day and which negative ones (that no longer serve serve you) to transform or shed.

Dr. Joe recommends ‘being present’ as the starting point for cultivating this transformation, I find that nature always provides me with a profound connection to being here, being fully present and being grateful for the moment. As I have often recommended, if you get the chance to get out into nature, please take it!

Thanks to all those who attended the first of the ‘Love Yourself Slim’ workshops last weekend. It was an honor for me to help the participants become aware of the unconscious behaviors that have been holding them back on so many levels and to help them move forward with confidence.

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to sharing some more flexible thinking next week.  Keep sharing!


There are only a handful of tickets left for this event so if you haven’t yet booked then do so today!  You can buy tickets at and also see a full list of the speakers at
It promises to be an educational and entertaining evening.


Sustaining Positivity – The Positive Habit Maintenance Program

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Month Four is entitled, ‘Your Inner Confidence’ in which I will guide you to be truly grateful for who you are and all that you have.

We have had to remove The Positive Habit Plus program for the moment due to Fiona’s busy schedule.

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