Positive Pause – 20th June, 2016 – Avoid the Blame Game

avoid the blame gameAll too often in life it is easy to blame someone else when things do not go exactly according to plan, or to put it simply, when things go wrong!  We hear it every day ‘If only this person had done this or that, then this or that would not have happened’ or ‘I am so annoyed with x or y as this is their fault.’ Avoid the blame game

This week I was inspired by someone very close to me who rose above blame in a situation where it would have been all too easy to point the finger in fear or anger.  A medical error was made, an error that could have had very serious consequences.  The error itself was minor and even the most skilled of surgeons are human; any procedure comes with a certain amount of risk. This is true in many areas of our lives. Thankfully, everything has turned out well and there are no lasting consequences.

It occurred to me that the positive outcome of this event is not just a coincidence but because also of the positive attitude and understanding of the patient; the ability to focus on getting better rather than dwelling on what went wrong has played a huge part in the recovery process.  The negative emotions that blame bring could only hinder any healing process.

This week, if you find yourself blaming anyone for things in your life that are less than ideal, whether it is at work or in your professional life, please take a big step back and remember the person you are blaming is human and “to err is human” (Alexander Pope). The energy you expend on blame and frustration is wasted and it takes away from reaching a positive resolution to the situation.

Consider also, that very often those who jump to blame are usually twice as hard on themselves.  Please don’t forget to avoid playing the blame game on yourself.  If you make a mistake remember to take a step back, offer compassion to yourself and allow yourself to see what a ‘mistake’ really is – an opportunity to learn, to grow and to reach your full potential.