Positive Pause – 22nd February 2016 – The Golden Centre in all of us

golden centreIn each and every one of us there is a golden light of eternal love and hope that illuminates our spirits.  It lives in our hearts and can be seen as our golden centre.  When we tap into this part of us that is full of unconditional love and is not tied to the ego or attached to seeking external approval, we have a well of goodness from which to draw on every day.

Visualise your heart being filled with this golden light. Think of the natural light of the sun and of how your body and mind respond when you feel the sun shine on you. The more often you cultivate this light inside you the more you start to see it shine in everyone you meet.  This can also be seen as the goodness that exists in us.  Focus on the goodness in yourself and you will find it easier to extend this love outwards. This week, if someone behaves in a way that you find difficult, irritating or unfair then look beyond their behaviour and imagine their golden centre.  When you really focus on this you become able to see that their behaviour does not represent the true essence of who they are.