Positive Pause – 1st February 2016 – Moments that Lift Your Soul

Moments that lift your soulOn Christmas Day, in a small village in the south of France the most glorious flock of birds swooped over the village rooftops and surrounding hills.  The immense swarm of birds covered the sky, sweeping above the church tower and tree tops of the village.  In a moment, one bird, perhaps the leader of the pack moved and then altogether the birds took over the skyline moving with grace like ballet dancers. Moments that lift your soul
The collective shapes they made ranged from dragons to snakes, each one more remarkable than the last.  My heart and soul were lifted to the same heights at which the birds flew.
This week, recall a similar moment in your life when nature had the power to transform your consciousness and lift it to wonderful heights.  These moments are above and beyond the realms of our everyday life and remind us of how truly wonderful it is to be alive and part of the universe. Rejoice!