Positive Pause – 7th March 2016 – Thinking Outside Yourself

Large sunflower - think outside yourselfAs the evenings are becoming brighter, if you find the opportunity to go for a walk one evening this week, take it! A gentle, solitary stroll where you focus all of your attention outside yourself on what you can see, hear and smell is a good mental workout to calm a busy mind after a stressful or long day. By choosing to use your focus in this way, you will be open to a general sense of calm and well-being.  You may even allow yourself to experience the wonder of hearing the birds sing at twilight. Thinking outside youself

Positive Pause – 14th December 2015 – The Joy of Being Alone

The Joy of Being AloneThis week, whenever you find yourself alone savour the peace that silence brings.  When you are alone you can experience the joy of your own company; think of this time as a precious gift in which you get to spend time with someone you need to love – you!

Some people do not enjoy their own company and feel the need to fill their time with constant plans and distractions. If you are one of these people, consider how it is that you can enjoy someone else’s company if you are not able to sit with yourself.  The relationship that is of paramount importance is the one you have with yourself.  If you reflect on this you will see that you are always with yourself even when surrounded by others. When you have created peace within yourself your inner confidence will shine and radiate outwards.
The joy of being alone.