Positive Pause – 2nd May, 2016 – Observe the World

394375-eyeWe can all learn so much when we simply take a step back from the world around us and observe what we see, what we hear, smell, taste and feel around us. Being “outside” ourselves can be a form of freedom when our minds are too busy.  

The answers to many of our struggles lie in our ability to be part of the world and to engage fully with what is going on around us.

If I ever feel any stress, tension or anxiety creeping in, a wonderful technique I often use is to pull myself out of the fog of my thoughts and to anchor myself in whatever is going on around me.

The clarity of being fully present in the moment creates a concrete and tangible comfort that I can hold onto. Many of our thoughts can cloud our thinking and cause us to catastrophise.

This week, if you feel any stress, or anxiety, please try this technique and pull yourself out of your mind using your five senses to focus on what is around you at that moment.  Observe life and the abundance it has to offer you.  The stress and tension will pass as your mind begins to settle.