Positive Pause – 8th February 2016 – It is ok to feel less than 100%

feel less than 100%If you happen to be suffering from a cold, sore throat or upset stomach (as many of us are at this time of year) rather than feeling frustrated and upset that your life has come to a halt, take a moment to accept the physical feelings as a signal that your body is fighting whatever the virus/infection it may have and that it will soon pass. feel less than 100% Acceptance.

When we accept that we may feel less than 100% sometimes and cultivate a belief that our bodies are healing at the right pace for us, we heal quicker. Non-acceptance is resistance and the body has to work twice as hard to get better when we resist the situation. This can also be applied to any unwanted feelings such as tiredness. Breath into the tiredness and take a few moments to accept that you are tired now but know that this will soon pass with rest and acceptance.