The Self-Love Habit Book

Transform Fear & Self-Doubt into Serenity, Peace and Power

“With Fiona it always feels like you are in safe hands. Like she is shining a torch so you can see your way in the dark.” 

Niall Breslin

Foreword of The Self-Love Habit 2021

Many of us find it easy to love others but do not know how to love ourselves.

Cover Image of The Self-Love Habit Book by Fiona Brennan

Do you struggle with the seemingly ‘difficult’ parts of yourself that lurk in the shadows, often hidden from the world – frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, anger? The Self-Love Habit is about learning to bring these parts of yourself out from the darkness and into the light. By loving and paying attention to the rejected aspects of ourselves, we give ourselves the power to transform in ways we never thought possible.

Fiona Brennan’s four powerful self-love habits – LISTEN, OPEN, VALUE, ENERGISE – will teach you how to do this. When you truly love yourself, your whole world opens to serenity and your self-imposed limitations fall away.

The accompanying hypnotherapy audios will rewire your brain as you sleep and help you to start the day full of loving energy by changing the negative, unconscious habit of living through fear into the positive, conscious habit of living through love.

Get ready to transform internal battles into inner peace and external relationships into a source of endless joy as you discover why self-love is the most selfless love of all.

 Book includes access to free hypnotherapy audios (available on 

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