Unleash Your Best-Slept Staff Workshop

Unleash Your Best-Slept Staff!


‘Sleep Well: 8 Habits to Get To Sleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Refreshed’

Research from the Sleep Foundation underscores the critical link between adequate sleep and optimal workplace performance. Underslept employees not only underperform but are also more susceptible to major health issues.

Elevate your team’s performance by prioritizing their sleep. Internationally acclaimed neuroscientist, Stanford professor, and podcast host Dr. Andrew Huberman says:

“What is not often discussed is how great life is, how much more focused, energetic and how much more positive our mood gets when we are sleeping for the appropriate amount of time at the appropriate depth and when we are doing that regularly. Everything in life gets better when we are sleeping well.”

Key Workshop Highlights:

  • The 8 Lifestyle Habits for Transformative Sleep: Grounded in Lifestyle Medicine research from Fiona’s study at the RCSI, Fiona will help you to make small tweaks to your daily routines that yield significant improvements in sleep quality.
  • Mindful Transition to Sleep: Learn effective techniques to gently ease the mind into a restful state, to switch off from work and to promote deep and rejuvenating sleep.
  • The Sleep-Well Formula: Uncover the proven formula that Fiona has used to positively impact thousands of people worldwide through her clients, online courses and books. 
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence through Sleep Strengths: Explore the three pillars of sleep strengths – presence, patience, and peace – and witness their impact on sleep and emotional intelligence.
  • Self-Compassion for Sleep Issues: Foster a compassionate approach to overcoming sleep challenges and promote resilience and self-care.


Complimentary Sleep-Well Audio: Each participant will receive an exclusive Sleep-Well audio, ensuring they continue to benefit from the session beyond the workshop.

Customization: Fiona will tailor this interactive and engaging workshop to ensure a unique blend of fun, knowledge, and actionable insights.

Take the First Step Towards a Well-Rested Workforce: Invest in the well-being of your team, and witness the transformative power of quality sleep on their professional and personal lives.