Positive Pause – 27th July 2015 – Friendship

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. “
Helen Keller

This week, think of the good friends you have in your life. The significance of friends is that you choose each other. If you value a friendship it is important to protect and nurture that friend as you would a precious gift.

If you have a friend your haven’t seen in a while, consider reaching out to them and arrange to meet soon.

When life gets too busy with work and families we often forget to spend time with the friends we love and who have chosen us. When we remember to take the time to nourish our friendships we will always feel the positive light that friendship brings.

Positive Pause – 20th July, 2015 – Relationships & Self Discovery

MirrorThe journey to self discovery can be a long one.

In order to appreciate your own development  and level of awareness,  this week look at your relationships as an emotional map to access how you manage and deal with your external world.  Reflect on the people you love most as if they are mirrors to your own soul; when they irritate or annoy you, quite often it is a sense of being out of balance with yourself that is the true cause of your disharmony.  It is in the people we love that we can see a true reflection  of who we are.

Positive Pause – 13th July, 2015 – Calm seas

greek seaMy mind is clear as the light in Greece.”
Austin Clarke

In the idyllic Greek Islands ferries go back and forth from Athens and between the islands. If you look to the back of the boat, you will see the incredible effect the boats propellers have on the sea as they cut though the waves. The salt rises to the top and there is a mix of white and an incredible aqua marine colour foam that  is sprayed across the navy sea.

This giant salt trail is being constantly created as the boat moves through the water,  but when you cast your eye way back you can see the sea as if it was never disturbed. With all the unrest in Greece over the last while,  we can only hope that what with the laws of nature and in a country that invented democracy, things will return to calm.

Keep faith this week that when you experience any unrest in your mind that shortly it will become clear and calm again.

Positive Pause – 6th July, 2015 – Music

musicThis week, find a piece of music or a song that uplifts your soul. Take five minutes when you feel relaxed and find a comfortable place to listen to it; it could be out in nature or in the comfort of your own home. Wherever it is, make sure not to be disturbed while you listen. Close your eyes and simply listen. Focus on your body and how the music affects as you let your muscles relax. Allow yourself to form a subconscious association with this piece of music. Let it enrapture your soul and lift your heart.

Keep your chosen piece of music or song on a playlist that you can use when you need it most. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, stressed or tired put on the piece of music and allow it to transport you back to that place of bliss.

It is important to nurture and care for your mental and emotional health. Just as your physical body needs exercise to be healthy, so does your mental health – music can help provide this.