A Journey of Kindness

On Wednesday I took the train from Dublin to Cork and back. I was asked to launch the CIPD Southern Region’s new season of events. CIPD is a representative organisation committed to helping those in the HR industry and it stresses the humanity and human angle in HR.On the way, I decided to partake in one of my favourite activities,  people watching! This time though I decided to seek out people being kind to one another. I was pleasantly surprised by my first encounter on the DART where a local man patiently explained to some Italian tourists the way to ‘Tempe bar’. They had a low level of English and the man displayed incredible patience in helping them to understand. I next observed a security man on the LUAS holding doors open for people so they didn’t miss their tram. Then on the train I saw a friend offering his shoulder to a friend to lie on to ease a creak in his neck. I overheard a solicitor give free advice to a young couple worried they were going to lose their home. These may all seem like small things but they really matter and make a difference to those concerned.

An act of kindness towards someone else reminds us of our humanity and our connection to one another.
On Saturday I was one of the fortunate souls who got to spend an evening with Eckhart Tolle at the RDS.  I am a long time fan and recall reading his book, ‘The Power of Now,’ when it first came out in 1999 but at that time I don’t think I understood a word; as my friend kindly put it,  “I wasn’t ready” to absorb his wisdom.  I was certainly ready on Saturday evening along with all the people that queued up to see one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time in my opinion. What struck me was just how amusing and entertaining he is; we all sat riveted for two hours listening to every word he said.  He had many ‘Mr. Bean’ moments where to illustrate a point he would make a brilliant and funny expression. Tolle teaches us to go beyond thought, like the words in the temple of Apollon, to know ourselves is where our freedom lies. Knowing ourselves according to Tolle, is sitting still and asking ourselves, “Who am I?” Listening to the response and knowing that it is not the case, real self-knowledge is being comfortable with the not knowing.  Tricky to grasp cognitively but then when we go beyond thought we don’t have to worry about that!

This week, look for opportunities where you can help someone in whatever way you can. It makes a world of difference to that person and ultimately to the world we live in. Work on the idea of cultivating an alert stillness that comes when you are free from thought and totally absorbed in the joy of life.

journey of kindness
Elsa Jones and I will appear on the Elaine Show on TV3 next Monday, 11th September to chat about the workshops and how they will be life-changing for those who have been battling with weight loss. If you get a chance please tune in!
journey of kindness
Feeling the Love
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Tickets are now on sale for my up-and-coming TEDxTalk on October 12th . If you are interested in attending please book asap as tickets sell fast.  You can buy tickets on  www.civictheatre.ie and also see a full list of the speakers on
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Maintenance Program

Sustaining Positivity – The Positive Habit Maintenance Program is now in month three! You can sign up at any time. We are delighted to see so many people register for this invaluable tool.  It is incredibly affordable, has a minimum time investment and maximum benefit for your mental well-being. This program is suitable for you if you have already completed The Positive Habit and/or if you have already started a journey of self-discovery and would like a powerful tool to help you to live a full and happy life.

Included in your monthly subscription you will receive access to (on the 1st of each month):

  • A video explaining what the theme of the month is and how best to put it into practice
  • A new MP3 targeted at the theme of the month
  • New articles
  • Quizzes to monitor your progress

Month Three is entitled, ‘Your Inner Confidence’ in which I will guide you to be truly grateful for who you are and all that you have.

Due to the high demand for the upgrade version of The Positive Habit (with personal therapy) we have decided to reintroduce the online, self-help program (€99.95).
N.B. The upgrade version has been renamed The Positive Habit Plus & is only available to eight clients per month.