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The Positive Habit!

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The Positive Habit is based on cutting-edge, neuroscientific research that demonstrates that the brain can be trained through the power of imagination and thought; it is flexible and malleable. This concept is called neuroplasticity.

The Positive Habit empowers you to reach your full potential, to find your unique path and purpose, to share positive energy with those whom you love and above all, to live a peaceful existence.

The Positive Habit enables you to see the positive in every situation, even stressful and challenging ones; to use practical techniques to deal with stress and negative thinking and to enjoy peaceful and harmonious relationships with those you love.

Who this 8-week journey is for:

Anyone who wants to learn more about their mental health and is seeking proven pathways and actionable insights to improve it.

Anyone who is suffering from anxiety, low mood, stress.

Anyone who is seeking a hands-on practical guide to improving their life using the power of hypnotherapy.

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"I highly recommend The Positive Habit course as it teaches you to take responsibility for your mental wellbeing. Fiona Brennan is a highly skilled therapist."

Ivor Browne

Former Professor of Psychiatry & Chief Psychiatrist, Eastern Health Board

"...a self-help programme that works while you snooze and in fact sends you into a deeper sleep, happy days!"

"...I could feel the benefits after one week. I felt a general sense of calm and well-being that I cannot remember experiencing before."

"...the programme was having a noticeable impact on my anxiety levels, the little things simply weren’t bothering me as much."

"...I knew from the way I felt that the programme had worked for me, but the proof was in the pudding when I saw that the result of my survey at the end of week six was 88.89, a massive jump from my starting result."

Michelle McDonagh

Journalist, The Irish Times

''After a couple of weeks, I noticed myself feeling better. I wanted to eat well, to go to the gym, to leave the house and go to my office instead of working from the couch...''

''....this programme was just what I needed. Non-judgemental, full of common sense and practical advice, it forces you to examine yourself and see how you can truly help yourself.''

Vicki Notaro

Journalist, The Irish Independent

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