Fiona Brennan on Thriving – A Lust for Life – August 2016


thrivingFiona Brennan on discusses the reason why so many of us are many of us living stressed lives, rather than thriving.

Until the birth of the Positive Psychology movement, most psychologists concerned themselves with fixing unhappiness, anxiety, stress and depression.  By contrast, the basic premise of Positive Psychology is to reach beyond a normal state (where we feel we are merely coping or just plodding along) and to tap into our ability to flourish. In other words, to go beyond surviving to a state of thriving.  Read more here…

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Ask An Expert – Fiona Brennan in

herfamily.ieAsk An Expert: How to Improve Your Life Using DIY Hypnotherapy

Katie Mythen-Lynch interviews Fiona Brennan, Clinical Hypnotherapist and creator of The Positive Habit, Six Pathways to Positivity – Digital, Self-Help Programme. Discussed is hypnotherapy, conscious eating and mindfulness and how to deal with negative thoughts, feelings, emotions or behaviour.  Read more here

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Positive Visualisation – Fiona Brennan on

positive visualisationPractise using the power of your imagination with this positive visualisation

‘I‘ve had lots of worries in my life, most of which have never happened.’

Mark Twain

Negative thinking is a habit and habits can be broken. Negative self-talk (the inner critic) is often a habit of which we are not even aware.

By watching your thoughts, you can learn a lot about how your mind operates and the effect your thoughts have on your feelings and ultimately on how you behave. When you tell yourself that you have no energy, or that you are fed up, stressed and frustrated then that is what you will feel. Does this sound familiar? Please note that this is not your fault; the brain has a strong negative bias that is linked to our early survival instincts.  Read more here…

The Positive Habit Irish Independent

positive habit irish independentThe Rise of Online Therapy. The Positive Habit is discussed as an online, digital self-help programme by Katie Byrne in the Irish Independent, Life, Health and Wellbeing section. positive habit irish independent 

Katie Byrne analyses the rise of therapy online and finds that it can be particularly useful for cognitive behavioural therapy and for self help courses like The Positive Habit.  In addition, the ease of access is an important factor in explaining the rise as is the age profile of digital natives who are often more comfortable undergoing therapy online than face-to face.

Read more here…

positive habit irish independent

Reminder- 6 Days Left for the Positive Habit Early Bird Offer

positive habit early bird offerThis is a gentle reminder to you if you are considering following the Positive Habit Programme to pre-register in the next six days so that you avail of the Early Bird price.

I am delighted to let you know that every day many people are pre-registering for the programme.
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The course is a synthesis of the work that I do and help people to let go of stress, anxiety, to make healthy choices and to reach their full potential.  Summer is a great time to embrace positivity and the course is only six weeks long.

The programme is designed to empower the user to develop the habit of positivity on both a conscious and subconscious level.  The reading, exercises and videos work on a conscious level and the MP3s work on a subconscious level and reinforce the main idea of each week.

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positive habit early bird offer