Fear of Public Speaking

Welcome to the Fear of Public Speaking Quiz

Please answer Yes or No to the following questions. Do not spend time considering each question, just use your first reaction to answer.

Do you dread giving a presentation, delivering a pitch, contributing at meetings?

Do you try to avoid social occasions where there may be people you don't know?

Do you compare your public speaking skills to others and wish you felt as confident as they appear to be?

Is the fear of public speaking blocking your ability to advance in your career?

Do you judge yourself harshly for being nervous in public speaking situations?

Do you feel overly self-conscious when speaking in public?

Do you stutter/freeze/have a shaky voice/trembling hands/red face when you speak in public?

Does fear of public speaking affect your sleep for the days and even weeks before an event?

Does fear of public speaking affect your overall confidence and self-esteem?

Do you fear that you will never be able to become a confident public speaker?

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Anxiety Self-Esteem Test

Welcome to your Anxiety Self-Esteem Test

Have you in the last month:

Worried a lot about something bad happening to you that in the end turned out to be just fine? For example, any possible future changes in your life or an awkward meeting.

Had trouble sleeping because your mind was racing with too many thoughts or your heart was beating too fast?

Worried that others may be judging you negatively either at work, socially or within your own family?

Beaten yourself up over something that you said or did?

Had negative thoughts about yourself being worthless or not good enough?

Had any trouble breathing e.g. rapid breathing because of anxious/fearful thoughts or nerves over a situation like a presentation?

Felt tightness in you chest because of anxious/fearful thoughts or nerves over a situation like a presentation?

Lost your train of thought in a conversation and struggled to contribute appropriately?

Felt concerned that your appearance wasn't good enough even though you made an effort to look your best.

Avoided social occasions by making up an excuse or a white lie  or simply not turned up because you couldn't face people?

Felt that you had to keep on double checking a completed piece of work and being concerned about signing off on it?  Or been obsessed with cleaning your house, checking and re-checking things in the house, like windows being closed etc?

Have you doubted yourself or your ability to perform tasks that you do regularly?

Compared yourself to others and felt inferior?

Felt overly concerned if someone was late that something bad had happened to them?

Experienced intense fear or panic?

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Self-Love Quiz

Welcome to your Self-Love Quiz

Can you sit peacefully in silence alone, without distractions?

Can you sit peacefully in silence with others?

Do you cope well with uncertainty?

Do you accept yourself just the way you are?

Do you feel comfortable maintaining eye contact with yourself in a mirror?

Do you feel at ease making eye contact with others?

Do you listen to your (gut and heart) instinct?

Do you have an inner voice that is kind to you?

Are you patient with yourself when learning something new or adapting to change?

Do you feel comfortable feeling vulnerable?

Do you take care of your mind and body on a daily basis?

Do you say no to other people if you feel tired or overwhelmed?

Do you value yourself?

Do you trust yourself to make good decisions?

Are you at ease with your body and physical appearance?

Do you feel connected to family and friends?

Do you let go of the hurt from the past?

Do you feel you have enough energy to help others?

Do you mainly live in the present moment?

Do you love yourself?

Positive Feelings Survey

Welcome to the Positive Feelings Survey.  This is a preview of the survey that is used within The Positive Habit course after the Introduction and at the end of each of the six Pathways to measure your progress in how you are feeling about yourself.

Please be honest with the answers and do not spend time thinking about the questions - answer based on your first response.

Your results will also be emailed to you for future reference.

Do you feel worthwhile?

Do you generally feel good about yourself?

Do you feel close to people?

Do you feel you are accomplishing something in your life?

Do you feel motivated to do things?

Do you generally feel calm and relaxed?

Do you generally feel hopeful?

Do you generally feel encouraged and optimistic?

Is your life satisfying?


Anxiety/Self-Esteem Quiz

Welcome to your Anxiety/Self-Esteem Test with The Positive Habit

Please take the Anxiety/Self-Esteem Test now to see if The Positive Habit is the right course for you. 
This test is specifically designed to see if The Positive Habit can help you to feel better now. The questions are tailored for people who may be suffering with anxiety, panic, low self-esteem and low moods. 

Please select "Yes" or "No" to answer the following 15 questions.  Try not to over analyse the questions but simply go with the first answer that comes to your mind as this is usually the closest to the truth.  Each "Yes" answer gets 1 point - the higher the score the more anxiety/self-esteem issues you are feeling.

In the comments field please add any extra information that may be relevant, for example,

"In the last month I have felt worried about managing to cope, being overwhelmed at work and losing my temper at home."

Your results will be displayed directly to you with some advice to help you to start to move forward NOW!  A copy of the results will also be emailed to you.  

Please join the many who are starting to take control of their mental well-being and register for the course here

In the past month have you?

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