The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 5th February, 2018 – Feeling Emotions

The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 5th February, 2018 – Feeling Emotions

Happy February! I think we can all agree it’s lovely to see the mornings getting brighter, earlier and earlier. If, like myself and countless others, you were on a ‘dry January,’ please make sure it’s not too ‘wet’ a February!

This week I want to focus on something that took me a while to figure out: the trials and tribulations of being an ’emotional’ person.  I now know that my ability to feel and express emotion is one of my strengths and is a key skill in helping others to feel better, to live more peacefully and ultimately to be a lot kinder to themselves. This is what enables me to establish a good rapport with the clients I see in my clinic and to help them to effect positive change.

The truth is, that all human beings are emotional and this applies equally to someone who wears their heart on their sleeve or someone who represses their emotions.

It is however, important to realise that feeling emotions does not mean that you have to be ruled by them.

While this sounds quite simple, it requires a constant conscious awareness to implement. Many of us may want to avoid painful emotions  or to feel more positive ones and this can cause an emotional detachment whereby we feel a little ‘numb’ or as if we are looking at life through a glass wall.  The ability to feel emotions and not to be ruled by them is ultimately a delicate balancing act that can be learned; giving yourself permission to feel sad, tired, upset, angry or irritable allows the emotion to move through you.  Feeling emotions however definitely does not mean you take it out on others through dramatic outbursts or by withdrawing into yourself and refusing to communicate. It does mean having the courage to sit with your emotion, to direct genuine kindness towards yourself and to let the emotions pass. Believe me, they always do!

Have a great emotional week! Speaking of which, I will be on The Dermot and Dave Show (Today FM) this morning at 10.30am discussing emotional eating. If you get a chance to tune in please do. I will also share the podcast on my social media and in the blog next week.

Please do your best to share  The Positive Habit blog with anyone you think could benefit. I am also always happy to get your feedback.

Mind Yourself Now – Emotional Eating? Tune in today to the Dermot & Dave Show at to hear me chat about the roots of emotional eating and how to avoid the pitfalls of seeking comfort in food.

feeling emotions

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feeling emotions

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