The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – Dare to be Yourself

The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – Dare to be Yourself

I am writing to you from my hotel room beside the iconic St.Paul’s Cathedral in London. I came over for the weekend to learn from some of my wellness heroes at the Life Lessons Festival.

The two people I was motivated to hear are Alain De Botton, author of ‘The School of Life’, and Marie Forleo, author of ‘Everything is Figuroutable’. If you are familiar with their work, you will know they are two very different, equally distinct voices.

Alain De Botton is the quintessential British philosopher, eloquent with a dry, sharp sense of humour, who promotes melancholia as a positive attribute! Maria Forelo, on the other hand, is a go-getting all-American entrepreneur who has built a wellness empire. Alain advises “don’t believe in yourself,” you are a flawed human being and the best you can hope for in life is to accept that you are, like all of us, insane. The trick is getting to know in which way you are uniquely mad.  On the other hand, Forleo tells us that we must believe in ourselves, that we are all divine creatures with a unique gift that we must share with the world. Contradictory or what? Nevertheless, both De Botton and Forleo did deliver a unified message – whatever you do, let your true self be free, take off the mask, dare to be vulnerable, be comfortable with who you are and let go of the need to gain approval from other people.

That sums it up for me; no voice is more important than your own. So on that note, see if this week, you can dare to be yourself. From my clinical experience, I believe that when people pause and take the time to get know themselves just a little bit more, they realise they are indeed wonderful and worth believing in.

One final thing – if you need and/or fancy an Easter Recharge, take a look at this beautiful  wellness retreat being run in collaboration with a lady I admire greatly, Aisling Killoran.

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