Positive Pause – 1st August, 2016 – Just Be

just beIf you want to be happy, be.’ Leo Tolstoy

This quote on happiness from the Russian novelist seems, at first glance, almost too simple.  With a little reflection, the depth of his words become profound.  The state of “being” and not doing is at the core of mindfulness and meditation.  The cultivation of “just being” is the constant returning of our awareness back to the present moment. When we are truly “being” in the present moment and our minds are free from the constant traffic and noise of our thoughts we have every chance to implant the seeds of happiness and joy.  just bejust be

This week, try to quieten your mind by observing its relentless activity and focusing only on what is here and now. Without the “white noise” of the mind dictating your every moment you will find a peace and tranquility that will enable you to engage more fully with life. Just be.

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