Positive Pause – 5th September 2016 – Find your Pocket of Peace

pocket of peaceSeptember is often a busy month and an ideal time to shed unwanted habits in the same way as the leaves fall from the trees. Back to school and work after the holidays provides a opportunity to form new positive habits. pocket of peace

While on holiday in France I  got into the habit of taking a walk as soon as I woke up, before breakfast, before anything. This walk provided me with an amazing amount of peace and allowed me to ease into the day. I would focus on making it a mindful experience by choosing one of my senses or my breath to anchor me in the present.  I would then keep this moment-to-moment awareness and an awareness of the sense that I had chosen as I went through the rest of the day.

In the busyness of being back to a routine with my son going to school and my first client at 8.30.am I was concerned about how I could  maintain this mindful walk. However, I was determined to keep up this morning ritual and each morning this week I set the clock 15 mins early. I  am fortunate enough to have my walk along the beach and witness the sun just after it has risen. This time before work and the busy day is a pocket of peace that sets me up with the resources that I need.
This week, if you can (and I appreciate just how busy most of you are), please consider finding your own pocket of peace before the day begins. Setting your clock that little bit earlier can make all the difference. Take the time to either go for a walk, do some yoga, meditation, write a journal, anything that provides you with the opportunity to create a space just for you. This time allows you to connect in with yourself and ease yourself into the day before it gets busy.  This is especially true if you allow it to be a mindful experience.
Taking time for yourself is not a luxury but a fundamental need that benefits not only you but all those around you.
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