The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 18th December, 2017 – Thank You for Your Magic!

Dear Positive Habit Blog subscribers,

This week, all I want to say is THANK YOU for reading this and for all of your support throughout 2017. I’m so grateful to have every one of you with me each week and that you take the time to open and read The Positive Habit Weekly Blog. I remain eternally grateful to those who have emailed me to let me know that the blog has helped them in some way. Thank you also for sharing the blog with your friends and family and for spreading the positive vibes.

“No-one has become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank 

If you have read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, you will know what an incredible, young girl she was; her words of wisdom stretched way beyond her years and touched the hearts of millions.  She has brought magic to the lives of many just as your stories have brought magic to mine.  Your stories of courage and compassion lift my heart and remind me of the joy of living and giving.

My intention with the blog has been and remains to help you and to bring a smile to your Monday mornings.  I hope that the themes covered have resonated with you on some level and have helped you to steer your own positive pathway. I share my personal stories to give my perspective on what it means to be human, to feel, to struggle and to navigate this wonderful journey called life. However, my words are nothing without your eyes to read them.

One of the things I love about writing the blog is that it trains my brain to keep my eyes and ears open for those special and/or challenging moments that I can learn from and then share with you. This actually keeps my neural networks firing and provides opportunities to put The Positive Habit into practice. The phrase used in neuroscience, ‘What wires together – fires together‘ identifies the brain’s plastic capacity to change and grow long after childhood.  Neuroplasticity demonstrates that positive change is possible and this is essentially a message of HOPE!

Please click on the image below to download my Christmas gift to you – an audio  MP3 called ‘Understanding Your Subconscious Power.’ Some of you will already be very familiar with listening to my self-hypnosis recordings but for some it may be a new experience and I hope that it helps you to stay calm and present this Christmas. Remember, the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is your presence.

Next Monday is Christmas Day so I will be taking a break from the blog (oh God, how will I remain positive?!) and I imagine you will be busy with your families and friends. Take good care of yourself and remember to find some ‘me time’ within the festive period.  If you feel overwhelmed at any time, press pause and take some deep belly breaths. This will relax your nervous system, slow your thoughts down and give you some precious space to enable you to cultivate calm.

I’ll be back in your mailbox on New Years Day with an uplifting post to get you bursting with positive vibes for 2018! Until then, take really good care of yourself, stay present, stay calm and remember to always see the best in yourself and everyone around you.

If you think the gift of the MP3 would help a friend then please do pass it on.

Have a joyful, happy and present Christmas.

Thank You for Your Magic

Understanding Your Subconscious Power MP3

The Positive Habit Christmas Gift Vouchers

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Thank You for Your Magic

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Thank You for Your Magic

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Thank You for Your Magic