The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 13th April, 2020 – Practise Social Warming

Happy Easter Monday!  Thanks for reading and being with me. It does my heart good to write to you all. A huge warm welcome to all my new subscribers. Practise social warming.

I do my best each week to bring you a boost of positive energy to keep you going throughout your week. This week I have made a deeply relaxing five-minute open-eyed meditation (see below) on getting comfortable with uncertainty which is something we all need right now.  Please do take the time to follow it as often as you can. 

The positive impact of meditation on our physical and mental health is immense! 

Each morning, before I start work with my clients, I do some yoga and then go for a short jog to the sea and I feel truly blessed being able to do this. While the jog itself is wonderful, what I find most refreshing and inspiring is the friendliness of the people I encounter. Never before in Dublin or any city have I felt the warmth of so many people. Strangers greeting each other as friends. 

Ironically, social distancing has brought strangers closer together.

I encourage you to practise social warming at the same time as you practise social distancing. A smile and a greeting can lift everone’s day.

It is imperative for our collective mental health during this challenging time that we are all united through kindness. 

I hope you have been sleeping well and if you missed my interview on sleep anxiety with Dermot & Dave on Today FM last Monday you can catch it here. Also available is a podcast I did recently, ‘Mastering Your Wellness’ with Jayann Walsh, a lovely lady who asked some really insightful questions on how to cope during the COVID-19 crisis. The link is here and below. 

I am delighted by the large influx of people who have registered for my (now free) online programme, The Positive Habit and am truly grateful to those of you who have donated; it does help you to value the course. If you register for it please be sure to follow it as it will really help you. I have been re-listening to the hypnotherapy audios from the programme every day recently and they really are helping to keep me calm and present. Please do spread the word far and wide to friends and family. 

Sending love and much light,


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Saturday, March 21, 2020


“This program has given me a much more positive outlook. Thank you.”

Kathryn Walters

Fiona Brennan & The Positive Habit on Logo18th May 2016 – Fiona Brennan on hypnotherapy and her new online six week digital programme, The Positive Habit on (Irish Daily Mail).

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