About Fiona Brennan

“I really love my job for the sole reason that every day I have the opportunity to help people to see the power they have over their own mind and to control behaviours and feelings that they believed were controlling them” 

Fiona Brennan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, mindfulness, and NLP practitioner,  with a busy clinic in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. She has trained with the eminent neuro-psychologist, Rick Hanson in positive neuroplasticity.

She is the mental health expert on Today FM, a TEDx speaker, blogger and an ambassador for positivity in the media. Building on her success, in 2016 Fiona launched her online, five-star rated, hypnotherapy program which now helps people all over the world. Her first book is the Irish Times bestseller, ‘The Positive Habit,’ published by Ireland’s leading non-fiction publishers, Gill Books. It is endorsed by Jack Canfield of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ fame.

Fiona has had her own personal journey with anxiety, successfuly transforming the chronic anxiety she suffered in her younger years into a state of flourishing. She really enjoys maintaining her positive mental health and lives and breathes the principles she teaches. She truly is a living example of how we can rewire our brains to feel calm, positive and in control.

Fiona with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield at the Pendulum Summit in New York

Fiona with Dermot & Dave (Today FM) at the launch of ‘The Positive Habit.’

Fiona with Niall Bresslin aka Bressie, the mental health activist.

Fiona with eminent Neuropsychologist, Dr. Rick Hanson.

Fiona uses her creative and performance experience to great benefit in her work as a hypnotherapist; the use of the imagination is an essential tool in hypnosis and Fiona’s unique way of tapping into her clients’ imagination empowers them to transform their lives.

Clients learn to master the power of their subconscious minds’ in ways they may never have imagined possible. Fiona is highly committed to each and every client and has an excellent record of achieving successful outcomes. The root of her success is twofold: a results-driven approach and a focus on ensuring and delivering a session that is as individual as the client.

Fiona has an open and friendly disposition that provides clients with a safe place to make the changes in their lives they wish to. She operates a friendly, professional clinic that guarantees confidentiality.

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