A Lust for Life – February 2020 – Feeling anxious? Self-Compassion is the key to calmness

“Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.”

Jesse Jackson

Have you ever had a morning where you woke up and just could not face going into school or college? Not because you were physically sick, but for some weird reason,you just couldn’t quite put your finger on? An uncomfortable, anxious feeling that made you uneasy about seeing your mates or having to deal with anything at all? Read more…

A Lust for Life – January 2020 – “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santanyana

I’m just back from a visit to Krakow, the beautiful southern Polish city steeped in history. You may be aware that the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau lie only about an hour outside Krakow. Read more.

A Lust for Life – October 2019 – Master Your Emotions in Three Steps

Jenny is a 38-year-old, kind, caring and hardworking woman, married with a young child.Like many of us, Jenny is juggling a lot of different responsibilities in her life and finds it hard to carve out time for herself. Not so long ago, Jenny was in an important performance-related meeting at work, she was trying to focus on what was being discussed but was having trouble concentrating, she had not slept that well the night before as both her mind and phone had failed to switch off.  Read more…

A Lust for Life – Sept 2019 – How to embrace and inhabit The Calmness Habit

An Extract from The Positive Habit

 Love, calmness, confidence, gratitude, hope and happiness: these are the six emotions that tip the balance of our mindset in favour of a positive outlook rather than a negative one. Wouldn’t it be great to feel more of these positive emotions? In her new book, ‘The Positive Habit,’ Fiona Brennan helps readers embrace their negative thoughts and cultivate a positive mindset, through six practical steps, which are grounded in the science of habit, mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience. This edited extract explores the habit of calmness and how to inhabit it. Read more…

A Lust for Life – December 2018 – All That Glitters is Not Gold – 3 Strategies for Avoiding Family Arguments this Christmas

Ivor Browne, the eminent Irish psychiatrist’s autobiography, ‘Music and Madness,’ contains an Introduction by Colm Tobín which describes a New Year’s Eve lunch he attended in Browne’s home years ago…read more

A Lust for Life – November 2018 – 5 Strategies to Protect Your Mental Health this Winter

As the days become darker and shorter many of us can end up feeling our mood reflects the gloomier days, our tempers are shorter and the light has gone from our step, this is also known as the rather appropriate acronym S.A.D – Seasonally Activated Depression…read more